Effectiveness (Not Just Price) of Gold-Plated Jewelry

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Africa… An ancient place of myth, color and beauty. Old stories abound in this land of bliss. Culture is what the people feed on, and music is their language. It is a mighty and proud land, but perhaps one place is proudest above all others: Ethiopia, the land of our fathers; Ethiopia, the land of golden beauty.

Ethiopia is a large land, and beauty is no stranger to it. Unlike some of its other African neighbors, it isn’t dependent on oil. Ethiopia finds other means to keep it alive and strong.

African-Style jewelry understands this more than any other. African jewelry is what we believe in, and it is what we make, and it is what we present to the rest of the world. Gold-plated jewels are what keep our shelves bright and beautiful.

But gold-plated objects, not real gold? So these objects will just shine bright and that’s it? There’s nothing more beyond being aesthetic? Is price and beauty really the only reason you should go for gold-plated jewelry? The answers to these should be obvious very soon.

All That Glitters is Not Gold

We’re all attracted to beautiful things. That is a simple fact. Gold is beautiful. That is another simple fact. The sad irony? Most of us can’t afford real gold, and that’s a shame. There are jewels out there befitting kings and queens, and the only thing between us and them are the price tags.

So what do we do about this? We find an alternative, of course. Gold jewels may be out of our reach, but gold-plated jewels most certainly won’t be; and thus is the reason African-Style jewelry was born. To cater to all your ‘affordable jewelry’ needs.

  • Gold - First of all, it’s necessary you understand the difference between objects made of gold and those that are gold-plated. Gold jewels are made of pure gold and are considerably more expensive than the latter. Of course that makes them very valuable too.


  • Gold-Plated – Now here we have the cheaper alternative. Gold-plated objects and trinkets are merely metallic objects coated with a very thin layer of gold. Naturally, this makes them more inexpensive than real gold, but the lower price tag doesn’t entail an inferior product.

As a matter of fact, you would be hard-pressed to know the difference between the two. Gold-plated jewelry is almost identical to gold jewelry, both in aesthetic appeal and durability. Perhaps a more in-depth look won’t go amiss.


Gold-Plating: What is it and Why is it So Effective?

Gold-plating has been around for quite some time. The need to look beautiful at an affordable price is undoubtedly one of the things which gave birth to it. Gold-plating means covering metal with another thin-almost microscopic-film or layer of pure gold.

Okay, that’s fine and good, but what about how effective it is? How durable or strong can you expect it to be? Is it worth your hard-earned money? Please, read on and find out.

It is no secret gold-plated trinkets and jewels are shunned for being cheap imitations of real gold. That’s hardly fair, because gold-plated jewels retain the same benefit of gold jewelry. Jewels of the best quality can last almost as long as real gold can. And let’s be frank: Many of us can’t even tell real gold from gold-plate anyway, so what’s all the fuss and arguing about?

When it comes to how long it might take for the gold-plated jewel to start losing its shine, it’s once more a matter of quality. Different metals can be plated with gold used and some are more resilient than others: Vermeil, for instance.

Vermeil is a metal that can resist wear and tear more than most other coverings. You can wear vermeil plated with gold every day and the color of the jewel will remain unchanged for a long while to come.

If we’re talking about beauty, real gold doesn’t necessarily hold a candle to gold plating. The latter can have much the same coloring, texture and shine as the former, so I’ll reiterate: Real gold and gold-plate can look exactly the same.

You can purchase these trinkets at a fraction of the price it would cost you to buy real gold and still end up looking gorgeous, because a master craftsman can utilize gold-plate to craft exotic, unique pieces that rival the real thing. What’s the main difference between the two? Just value. Only that and nothing more.

Now, let’s talk a little bit more about how the coloring of gold-plated jewels makes it as effective as real gold. The gold color accentuates and pairs well with almost any other type of color for clothing. Women wear jewels more than men, so they should find this point more interesting.

Gold-plated jewels complement any type of clothing, be it traditional or otherwise. ‘Elegant’ is the perfect word to describe the person who pairs such jewels with the clothes. More than that, it’s bright color means it can enrich clothes with darker shades.  This is something which silver jewels fail at.

Here’s another thing worth mentioning. With gold-plated jewelry, there is far more variety with trendy bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, bangles and even anklets. You can afford to purchase different pairs with different designs for your different clothes.

And gold-plated ornaments can be replaced or purchased relatively easier than jewels made of real gold. Why, many women even prefer gold-plated jewels to pure gold ones, because they always have something new for every single occasion or event; or simple daily usage.

And last but not least, accessibility. There is a large demography out there that’s reluctant to make purchases of real gold jewels online, but gold-plated jewels don’t suffer this curse. People are more trusting of them.

We would know, because our entire business is predicated on online shopping. Without it, there would be no African-Style jewelry; and without people like you who understand there is great beauty and quality in gold-plated ornaments, there would be very little need for us to continue doing what we do best.

Thank you, and we hope you have a wonderful time browsing through our wares and making great purchases. And remember this when you’re about to wear any African-style necklace, bracelet or ring-it’s our motto, but it’s also our pride: ‘You’re not just wearing beauty, you’re wearing beauty birthed by an entire land’.

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