Traditional Ethiopian Jewelry with Modern Touch for Ethiopians Outside of Ethiopia

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Jewelry has been a huge part of Ethiopian culture for centuries. As far back as the iconic Queen of Sheba, Habesha’s have adorned themselves with beautiful intricate jewelry made from gold and silver. Jewelry has been presented as gifts, worn for festive occasions and even used to help the dead pass into the afterlife.

 A cursory glance through the pillars of Ethiopian society from the churches to the palace shows the place of jewelry in Ethiopian history. Which is why the wearing of Ethiopian jewelry is seen as a beautiful and interesting way to connect to the culture.

 Being a member of the Ethiopian diaspora is a beautiful and unique thing. It means you're a part of a culture that is rich and beautiful with an old and expressive culture. Items made of gold and silver are so pervasive in Ethiopian culture that historians have found pots, pans, jewelry that date to several centuries old. Coins made from gold, silver, and bronze were the primary currency during the Axumite reign. Luxurious items made of these precious metals were also exported to places such as Greece, Rome, China amongst others.

 The people of Ethiopia over the centuries became so skilled in molding precious metals that their smiths became renowned for their spectacular work.  Ethiopian smiths specialized in creating unique, eye-catching decorative and ornamental pieces. The love for jewelry was able to survive through the different political eras modern Ethiopia has passed through and is still maintained today. Habesha women still have a profound love for beautiful jewelry. Whether made from gold or silver, it is a sign of wealth and beauty.

 Modern-day Habesha women still adorn themselves with beautiful earrings, necklaces, bangles as a way of enhancing their natural beauty. There are still also many smiths and jewelers working hard to create the beautiful jewelry Habesha women proudly put on. Some jewelers have been in the business for years with the business being passed down the family. It is clear that jewelry holds great significance in Ethiopian culture and is respected for that. For that reason, Ethiopian jewelry remains one of the ways Ethiopians living outside of Ethiopia can build a connection to the motherland.

 Also, the jewelry being produced has a modern touch to it. It is created in such a way as to maintain its beautiful African integrity while still looking fresh and unique. It carries with an elegance and purity that can only be gotten from the source. Made from gold and silver our traditional jewelry is the perfect body accessory.

Here are a few reasons why Traditional jewelry is best for the Modern Habesha:

Historical Value

 There have been numerous exhibitions and even museums dedicated to showcasing the beauty of Ethiopian metal work. Beautiful gold and silver pieces have been shown off around the world and hold positions of high value. The artistry that creates those spectacular pieces is still alive and growing today. Our creations pay homage to the jewelers who have come before us, telling our story of beauty and independence. The art of jewelry making in the Habesha style is one that never died but continuously grows and expands. And now with the addition of modern touches, Ethiopians all over can enjoy the beauty of this art form.


Source of Value

 Gold and silver remain valuable materials all over the world. The beautiful shiny metals are held in high esteem by Ethiopians and show comfort level and taste. Therefore the purchase and wearing of gold and silver jewelry create value for the owner. They are assets that can create long-term value for the owner as it's not prone to unpredictable depreciations. It is for this Ethiopians prefer to keep assets in the form of gold rather than as paper money. The items are not only beautiful but can also last forever and can be passed down the family line.


Perfect Gift

 If you're looking for the perfect item to gift a loved one then look no further than Ethiopian jewelry. The beautiful jewelry comes in different styles to fit different personalities. There is a style for every taste ranging from simple earrings to lines of necklaces. Not only is the jewelry pretty but it also has long-term value. The core style in which the jewelry is made has been proven to never to go out of style. However, when coupled with just the right touch of modernism, you create a beautiful masterpiece. Good jewelry will last forever and will always be relevant to the wearer. It is the right touch and can go with almost anything. You can gift it to graduates, newly promoted staff, gift it at child dedications, or get a beautiful piece for a loved one.


Religious Meaning

There is a strong connection between jewelry and religion in Ethiopia. Adherents usually have a lot of prayer and religious aids that can be made from gold or silver. Items like prayer beads down to earrings, rings and pendants can have serious liturgical meanings. The use of items like this can help Ethiopians in the diaspora draw closer to Ethiopian tradition. It can foster a sense of peace and acceptance within oneself and help create a connection to home. These pieces of jewelry with religious meaning can be worn by everybody who so desires and it shows the beauty and purpose of the people.


To wrap up, jewelry has been an essential part of Ethiopian culture since the beginning of time. It has since evolved into a spectacular artform with the creation of intricate and beautiful pieces by Ethiopian jewelers. It, however, needs a modern touch for it fully capture the attention of today's youth. Our jewelry has been created to provide the perfect balance between the old and the new. It still retains the flavor of Habesha beauty while incorporating modern forms of jewelry making. Jewelry is beautiful, delicate and long lasting and it makes the perfect gift for loved ones or even yourself.


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